Share this article Share There had been rumours the two had become friends in jail but these were dismissed Sutcliffe’s younger brother, Carl, Talking to the Mirror , he said: Peter’s always been good with kids and he must think killing two children is worse than 13 women. But it doesn’t make sense to me. Sutcliffe, who has a growth in one eye and is blind in the other following a attack, is also helped around the jail by another inmate. Now he wishes he’d been moved there years ago. His other victims, aged between 16 and 47, included two university students, a civil servant, a bank clerk and a supermarket worker. Sutcliffe was dubbed the Yorkshire Ripper because he mutilated his victims using a screw driver, hammer and knife. He was also convicted of seven counts of attempted murder in and around Yorkshire, Lancashire and Greater Manchester.

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Korean 83, Imported Total admissions: They are listed in the order of their release. Feathers in the Wind Sometimes small-scale, informal projects can liberate a director. Without the pressure and weighty expectations involved in producing a major work, inspiration flows freely and the result is an even more accomplished piece of art. This may have been what happened with Git by Song Il-gon, the director of Flower Island , Spider Forest , and various award-winning short films including The Picnic Git was originally commissioned as a minute segment of the digital omnibus film 1.

Alas, the festival’s expectations were confounded, first in that only Lee Young-jae’s work really engaged environmental issues in a direct way the other two were merely set in rural areas , and second by the fact that Song went out and shot a minute film. As an omnibus work, 1. But if Song betrayed the spirit of the omnibus project, he remained true to the needs of his film.

Git centers around a film director who, in the middle of starting his next screenplay, remembers a promise he’d made ten years earlier. While staying on a remote southern island off Jeju-do, he and his girlfriend of the time agreed to come back and meet at the same motel exactly ten years in the future.

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What happened to Holly and Jessica? After slipping out unnoticed of the Wells home after a Sunday barbecue on 4 August , Holly and Jessica went wandering around the streets of Soham, the small Cambridgeshire town where they lived. Both the missing girls were dressed in identical red Manchester United football shirts with the name Beckham and the number seven on them. A photo of the two, taken shortly before they disappeared, quickly became the image associated with the case.

Holly and Jessica in their football shirts.

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And the Soham double killer has claimed that Maxine Carr orchestrated a cover-up of the murders. Huntley could face a new police interview after he blurted out the hidden truth in conversations with his mother. He told Lynda Nixon he strangled Jessica as she tried to phone her mother. He also alleged his former lover Carr played a far greater role in the cover-up of the murders of the two ten-year-old girls than previously thought. Huntley, 32, told his mother how he: She passed on the details to her other son, Wayne.

He told yesterday’s News of the World how Huntley still claims Holly died accidentally after falling into his bath when she had a nosebleed. But he appears to have changed his version of events over what happened to Jessica. At his Old Bailey trial in , he said he smothered her by mistake as he tried to stop her crying after Holly died. I was telling her to stop shouting so I could think.

She kept saying, “You pushed her.

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From the early 9th century, the territory of the country which is today known as The Netherlands was part of Frisia, which covered the whole coastal area from southern Denmark in the east to Flanders in the west. Under the partition of imperial territories agreed at Thionville in , Frisia was assigned to Charles, eldest son of Emperor Charles I [1] , before reverting to the emperor on his son’s early death in After , the territory of the future Netherlands became the northernmost part of the kingdom of Lotharingia, created under the treaty of Verdun which finally settled the lengthy disputes between the sons of Emperor Louis I.

Ian Frank Hill (born 20 January ) is an English musician, best known as the bassist of the heavy metal band Judas Priest.

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His works on Roman history, military tactics and political rhetoric are lost, but his one surviving work is also the longest of all surviving texts in Classical Latin: He was not himself a Mauretanian, but he was descended from a royal line in the neighbouring kingdom of Numidia, which was a qualification of sorts; and to seal the deal he was married to an Egyptian princess, the daughter of Cleopatra and Mark Antony.

Those African credentials were enough for the Roman Empire to install him as a friendly monarch. Augustus therefore recruited his expertise to an expedition to the eastern frontier of the Empire. Consulting local merchants and intellects, as well as the libraries of Alexandria and Kappadokia, Juba wrote his next major work, a study of the trade routes passing through Arabia to India. Juba did not himself travel through Arabia, but his description of the Peninsula became one of the major sources for other classical writers, especially Pliny, who was born around the year Juba died.

Watch video · It’s 15 years since Ian Huntley murdered Soham schoolgirls Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman in a crime that shocked the nation. After killing the .

The original name of the ship has been lost for close on years. This means that it has been designated by the government under the Protection of Wrecks Act on account of the historical, archaeological or artistic importance of the vessel, or of its contents or former contents. The wreck of this 17th century armed merchant ship was first discovered by accident in and then rediscovered in by Wessex Archaeology.

Subsequent work, led by Bournemouth University, has uncovered the structure and raised many artefacts. Bournemouth University commissioned me to undertake a research project to see if it was possible to identify the ship. The subsequent hunt led through more than 15, manuscript pages in Dorset and London. The hull is carvel-built and about 40 m of the port side survives. This is remarkable, because it includes some of the upperworks, though the structure is split into two pieces.

Tree-ring evidence suggests that the hull contains some wood felled between and in the Netherlands or Germany, with at least one timber from a tree cut down in the year The hull had an outer plank sheathing, designed to help protect the main planking from marine organisms. Judging by the number of surviving gunports, the ship carried 26 or more carriage-mounted guns, though most of the weapons themselves are no longer there.

No cargo was found in the hull, but some Dutch domestic pottery was discovered which dated to the years 1.

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October 3, by Sandgate Real Estate with no comment We all know how stressful moving house can be, but imagine how our pets feel! This is especially the case for elderly pets who can sometimes find the whole experience very upsetting. Luckily there are steps you can take to prepare your pet and make the transition into their new home a successful and safe one. Because dogs and cats need to feel in control, they might exhibit behavioural changes or even become ill when stressed.

The year-old Vampire Diaries star happily stowed the pump in a to-go box for the event on Sunday evening at the Beverly Hilton in LA. They welcomed baby girl Bodhi Soleil on July

Since Founded in Collingwood, Ontario in by the late Jim Mulholland, Mulholland Construction Company is one of the most recognized and trusted building contractors throughout the Georgian Bay region. Jim was honoured by the town he loved so much in , being named Citizen of the Year. Since then, Ian and his team have continued the tradition of building quality homes and custom renovations, with an emphasis on quality, attention to detail and outstanding customer service.

Ian and his talented, professional team bring to the Port Severn area, the same quality craftsmanship and outstanding customer care that has been meeting the construction and renovation needs for thousands of clients for over 50 years. Tanner has learned the trade by working with his father for many years. Recently, he graduated from Humber College, succesfully completeing a 4 year course in Architectural Technology and is well equipped to help plan your next project.

The company continues to build on its three generations of experience and strong relationships with area designers, expert trades people and municipalities. Ian Mulholland believes that customer service is critical to his ongoing success.

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Biography[ edit ] Hill learned how to play the double bass from his father, a bass player for local jazz acts. His father died when he was fifteen. In , together with schoolmate K. Downing , Hill formed heavy metal band Judas Priest. Hill is responsible for bringing Rob Halford into Judas Priest.

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With his first feature film, Corbijn avoids the pitfalls of many music video directors who inundate us with flashy and unnecessary edits and camera angles. Instead, he lets the stark black and white of the film tell the story of a lead singer tortured by epilepsy, guilt, depression and suicidal thoughts. The use of black and white also captures the factory town of Manchester, England in the late s, a city crumbling under industrial and economic stress.

Manchester has since rebounded and is once again thriving. Curtis is played by relative newcomer, Sam Riley, who’s quiet and unassuming approach portrays an artist inspired by his heroes, David Bowie and Iggy Pop. At a chance meeting following a Sex Pistols concert, Curtis bonds with three fellow musicians to form the band. As Joy Division begins to flourish, Ian’s relationship with his young wife, Deborah, continues to distance itself. Academy Award nominee, Samantha Morton plays the confused wife trying to understand her husband’s depressed soul.

The film is based on Deborah Curtis’ autobiography, “Touching From A Distance”, so it comes as a surprise that Morton’s character does not have more scenes in the movie. The key to Control is understanding Curtis’ depression, which the film accomplishes to near perfection. As he battles epilepsy, the young singer lives in constant fear that his next seizure will be his last. His only option is to swallow a daily cocktail of prescription drugs with side effects so terrible, that most of us would rather tempt fate than endure the aftermath of the pills.

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